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Many people are surprised to learn that flying at Narromine started as early as 1919. Narromine Aero Club, Australia ’s oldest regional aero club, was formed 10 years later. with a membership of 12.
The committee comprised of (back row) R.D. Barnett, G.H.R. Barlow (vice-president), H. Thrall, G.B. Irvine (Vice-president), H. Bowden Fletcher (Hon Secretary), T.E. Perry (President), R.T. Perry, E.E. MacWilliam (front row) F. Ballhausen, W. Downey , V.C.S. Hall, W.W. Stockham, H.W. Kierath (Vice-president).
A host of famous aviators made regular visits during the 1920s and 30s, and were enthusiastically hosted by the townspeople.
These included Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith, Captain Alan Cobham, Captain Les Holden, Captain Charles Kingsford Smith, Captain Francis Chichester and Arthur Butler.
In 1939 a hangar was constructed which is still in use to this day.
During the war years the club went in to recession, reopening in 1946.

Twenty-one aircraft perform at Narromine’s first air pageant. One of Australia ’s first aero club pageants, it is declared to be the most successful. Here a de Havilland Moth is taking off for a joyflight, with the DH.61 Canberra in the background. Narromine Aero Club hosted another three successful pageants during the 1930s, with the RAAF’s Hawker Demons putting on a spectacular display in 1935.
Several successful air shows were held in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s including the launch of the replica Wright Flyer at which astronaut Buzz Aldrin was guest of honour.
Tragedy in the sky over Narromine in 1959, when two Tiger Moths collide. The aero club’s chief flying instructor Neil Johnston, a WW2 Mosquito veteran, and three others die in the crash.
In 1963 the aero club's new clubhouse was opened, then in 2002 a new aviation complex was completed with over 6000 hours of voluntary work being carried out.
The aero club clubhouse is now in this complex along with a gliding club and aviation museum.
In 1984, 40 years after the disbanding of 5 Elementary Flying Training School RAAF, dozens of it graduates and others reminisce at a reunion hosted by the aero club.
The years rolled along with members enjoying a range of activities, paramount of which was the restoration of the syndicate-owned Tiger Moth which has pride of place in the Bellman hangar.
In 2013 another bit of history was made with the election of the club's first female president, Anne Elliott.

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