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the NAC Flying Group has organised a 'Private and Recreational Pilots Meet and Greet' on Saturday, 4 January next year from 6pm, when club members' aircraft - including a Cirrus SR20 (pictured) - will be available for viewing and afterwards there will be a barbeque and plenty of time to talk about aeroplanes and flying. The flying group would like to know if you plan to attend (for catering) so please email Rob .
Another flying activity being planned is a trip to Rutherford where the Great Tiger Moth Air Race 2014 will be starting and finishing at Rutherford Airport.  This event will be held April 25 and 26 2014,  Information can be found at
The Narromine Tiger Moth Group will be entering our local Tiger Moth aircraft in the event.
More activities will be announced as the flying group gets established and we are aiming for one flying related event each month through 2014.


 The Flying Group sub-committee of Narromine Aero Club was established at the recent Annual General Meeting to foster increased interest in flying by Club members.
The enthusiastic sub-committee is Robert Heywood, Gavin Green and Murray Feddersen and they aim to increase participation in flying related activities.
So far, Robert, Gavin and Murray have discussed a number of activities aimed at providing participation opportunities for both flying and nonflying members.  These activities include
- Fly-away day trips to events such as a flying day at the Temora Aviation Museum
- Establishing a “Flyers’ table” at the aero club where aviators can meet to talk about flying
- Movie nights at the aero club to feature aviation themed movies
- Presentations on aviation subjects of interest
- CASA safety presentations
We are keen to introduce new flying members to the club and hope to contact Recreational pilots who have trained, or are currently training at Narromine to encourage them to join and participate in our activities as well as lapsed flyers who have trained or flown at Narromine.
Our plan is for activities to commence in the New Year with some local Narromine activities and start the flying activities once the heat of summer has passed.
Photographs here are representative of aircraft types owned by club members.  In future news, we will profile each of these aircraft types and introduce you to their capabilities and performance which can then be experienced during participation in Club activities.
If you have any thoughts or ideas, or would like to introduce a new flying member to the club, please call Rob (0427 890 550), Gavin (6833 9962) or Murray (0418 469 041) to reinvigorate our flying activities.


The Narromine Tiger Moth Group will be entering the Tiger Moth in the Great Tiger Moth Air Race 2014. This event will be held on 25 and 26 April 2014, starting and finishing at Rutherford Airport. Information can be found at
ANZAC Day, April 25 The Memorial Flight Segment:
Maitland - Barrenjoey - North Head (Sydney Harbour) - Camden. The main spectacle is this day where up to 50 Tiger Moth aircraft will fly over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House out toward the coast.
April 26: Maitland - Port Macquarie - Taree - Tea Gardens Bridge - Anna Bay - Nobby's Beach - Maitland.
The Narromine group would need pilots and/or ground crew to prepare and to fly during this event. There could be an opportunity for non-pilots to fly in the Tiger Moth on one of four legs from Narromine to Rutherford and return.
For further information please contact


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We certainly will miss them!

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We will all miss this happy couple at Narromine Aero club. They have property here so they will be back to visit. Bill's flying report was great.

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Well done to the new committee and congratulation's on this website. Especially the picture book.

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